Studiz for student unions

As we strive to create a better and cheaper student life, we have built a number of tools into the platform, which are of benefit for students and student unions and organizations.

Why choose Studiz?

The Studiz services for student unions provide a unique opportunity to easily manage and communicate with members of a given student union/organization.

Ticket and Bar system

Studiz can help student unions with payments and organization of events and parties through Tickets by Studiz and Studiz' bar system, and union-admin provides quick and easy access to monitor union members.

Digital student/membership-ID

Student unions also have the opportunity to offer their members a digital membership card through adding their logo to the digital student-ID.
This means no more stickers that needs to be replaced, as everything can be controlled digitally through the student union-admin.

In short, through Studiz student unions are able to:

Improve the communication with its members. (f.i. it is possible to send push-messages from the Studiz App)

Offer its members a digital membership card.

No equipment needed - people responsible for scanning the tickets simply use Studiz app to scan QR codes on their smartphones.

Offer its members special student discounts and help to handle it.

Payment system to bars etc. with build-in wallet.

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