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At Studiz, we believe that the focus should 100 % be on the end customer, which in our case, is our fellow students. Only by having a 100% focus on the students, their needs and wishes, is it possible for us to create value that enriches both the student as well as the companies that provides student discounts.

Team Studiz

Studiz is created by students and thrive on the priniciple "from students – to students"

We are all either currently students or we recently finished our studies. This is one of our biggest strengths, because we feel that it is the students themselves that know the students the best, both when it comes to wishes regarding student discounts, and how we want to communicate the challenges a study life brings in general.

We are always interested in hearing from our fellow students - so feel free to drop by for a quick talk and a cup of coffee or tea, or sent us and email.






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What is the price of using Studiz?

Nothing, zero, nul!

As our focus is on the students, we are well aware that a student budget is fairly limited, and it can be difficult to modify a limited amount of money.

That is why we think it is not reasonable for the students to pay to get access to student discounts. Additionally, this is why we offer free charge for students to use our student discount services, and it will continue to be for students.

Our journey


The idea behind Studiz

The idea for Studiz originally came from a bachelor project on Aarhus university, where the base thought was to produce a value creating cycle, that all parties could benefit from and also make life easier for the students.

It took a couple of years before the concept was brought into life, this happened in August 2013, where the entrepreneur Lasse Tindbæk used the summer of 2013 to finalize the business concept as well as contacting both students and local companies in Aarhus.


The idea becomes reality 

Subsequently, the first version of Studiz' website was designed, which, however, proved to be a more complicated process than expected because this version contained a number of errors. As a student and newly started entrepreneur the reality now suddenly was to feel.

Subsequently the time was used to seek feedback so the system could be built in relation to this and improve the website. About half a year later, the second version of the website was finished.




The digital student-ID

At the beginning of 2015, Studiz rounded about 30,000 user registrations, which told us that our fellow students had interest in the service. Afterwards the focus was put on the digital student card in relation to make the student life more fun, easier and cheaper. The digital student card could also be an easier and cheaper solution for the schools. In relation to the development of the digital student card Studiz entered partnership with 10 schools during the summer of 2015.

In association with these partnerships Studiz developed a number of functions e.g. A ticket and payment system for parties, study trips and friday bars, which besides being fully integrated with the student-ID also offers the country’s cheapest.


Studiz app

In 2019 Studiz launched the current app (version 3) and in June 2020 more the 60 institutions had chosen Studiz as official partner and supplier of student-ID.

2020 was also the year where Studiz registered verified student number 200.000 in the system.


Studiz today

Today, Studiz has close to 350,000 students, has collected over 1,400 discounts for the students and saved the students over DKK 50,000,000.

and over 150 institutions use Studiz as their digital student card and/or a supplement.

The Team behind your Student Discounts

Sille Skøtte Kaalund

Communication Manager

Vlada Afanasjeva

UX/UI Designer

Kenneth Riis

Commercial Manager

Lasse Tindbæk

Founder and CEO

Tracy Tran

Frontend Developer

Zuzanna Ranuszkiewicz

UX/UI Designer


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