Store guide: How to check Student-ID

Are you a local shop making use of Studiz discounts and want to ensure smooth customer experience? You are in the right place!

How does it work?

With Studiz, giving access and checking customer eligibility for student discounts have never been easier.

Firstly, the digital student-ID replaces the "old-fashioned" plastic cards.
Secondly, through our cooperation with the educational institutions and several public databases controlled by the The Ministry of Education and the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science, we verify student status only of active students, hence we can guarantee that only real students can get access to your student offers and the digital student-ID.

We have gathered information on what you should check/look for when you are about to offer a student discount. Let’s go through it step by step:




When a student wants to use a local discount, they need to have a verified profile in the Studiz app.


To activate the digital student-ID, the student simply have to press the student-ID icon at the bottom of the screen, where the closest store (your store) will be the first option to choose. If you also have an online discount, make sure students are not searching for your stores in the menu.


If your shop uses QR/barcodes, it will appear on the phone screen ready for you to scan it.


You can also check whether the profile is verified by checking a moving “Verified by Studiz” animation, which guarantees that the student card is not a picture/screenshot.

If there is an issue with the digital student-ID, you can provide help to students by reading and following the steps of How to get your student-ID manual.