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If the company has any terms and conditions for using their student discount, these will be clearly stated alongside the student discount on Studiz. For example, there can be conditions like: "Can't be used with items already on sale", "Selected products/brands are excluded" or "Minimum buy of 249 DKK". Other student discount may only work when following the link from Studiz and completing the whole booking/buying process through this link.
Make sure to carefully read the student discount descriptions, and if you for any reason still experience code-related issues, pleas reach out to our support-team.
Most online student discounts on Studiz have unique one-time-use discount codes, where a single code can be generated for you per day, so make sure to always fetch the code through Studiz every time you need a discount code.
It works this way to ensure your favourite companies that the student discounts can't be shared to or accessed by non-students.
When standing in a store that offers a student discount, you can quickly and easily prove your student status with a digital Student-ID from Studiz. Simply press the Student-ID icon in the bottom of the Studiz-app and select the store from this location-based list. Some stores utilize unique barcodes/QR-codes for scanning also, and this will automatically pop up when the right store is chosen, if needed.
In case the store you're standing in isn't on the location-based list, simply enter the name of the store in the search field, as this instead let's you manually show your student-ID while simultaneously letting us know that the store is missing in the app

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