Consent handling

Studiz built-in consent handling allows institutions to efficiently collect students’ consent and monitor these

Key features

With Studiz consent system, you can create all the consent forms you may need. Under each consent form, you can add all the points you wish to ask for consent to, and the system provides an option to specify recipients (elective/class). It is also possible to make consent forms for employees. If desired, consent forms can be made mandatory in order to gain access to other functions in the Studiz system, such as the student-ID, events and/or study trips.

Naturally users have full access to filled-in forms and can grant/withdraw consent at any time.

Changes in consents are registered with the date, so that institutions can see when a users permission is granted/withdrawn. For employees with rights to consent management, there is an option to search/filter these, which e.g. can ease the work process of communication and marketing staff.

Admins access:

  • Customizable Consent Forms: Create tailored consent forms for various purposes within the Studiz system.
  • Recipient specification: Specify recipients and make forms mandatory to access other Studiz functions.
  • Effortless consent management: Easily track changes and manage consent responses with intuitive date logging and search/filter options.
  • With Studiz app:

  • Fill out forms: Access consent forms conveniently through the Studiz app or website.
  • Access answer history: See your previous answers and add/withdraw your consent.
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