Lending system

Studiz lending administration is built based on the needs of the stakeholders and serves the purpose of digital depot.

Key features

Studiz lending system offers the possibility to run a classic lending process, where everything is managed by a librarian, but why not delegate the work load?

Thus, teachers themselves can make reservations for classes, as well as follow the lending process for these. Teachers can hand in books in the system for students, and as see their colleagues' reservations, so that they can make changes among themselves if this is necessary.

The system allows students to scan their lendings themselves, which has the advantage, that in this way they sign the loan through their unique user ID (UNI login / My ID). The individual student can see both loans and reservations via the Studiz' app, and will automatically receive notifications for new reservations, so they know that they now need to pick up a given book, and equally at home-calls or possibly payment reminders.

Libarian access:

  • Comprehensive overview: Obtain an overview of both loans and reservations and the institution's stock of books and equipments.
  • Quick status functionality: Check each classes, student or employee loans and reservation using a lightning-quick status functionality.
  • Automated recall process: Create an automated recall process with associated invoice creation for missing returns.
  • With Studiz app:

  • Effortless reservation: Quickly get an overview of the institution's books, as well as make reservations.
  • Convenient lending registration: Register loans by scanning each items barcode/ISBN number.
  • Secure lending receipts: Secure lending receipts and see history.
  • Not convinced yet?

    Optimized resources: Speed up lending processes and optimize resource utilization with student involvement.

    Teacher empowerment: Grant teachers greater autonomy in managing reservations and loans, freeing librarians for other tasks.

    Secure receipts: Access to secure receipts in the Studiz app for reservations, loans and possibly bills for missing returns.

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